Wednesday, December 02, 2009

INQ Mobile Packaging

The INQ Mini 3G is a new cell phone launched in Europe and Asia with social mobile apps including connection to Facebook, Twitter, Skype and IM all built in. The phone is featuring my work on the packaging and a few of the instructional cards that comes in the box, as well my illustrations are taking part in the promo campaign.

"At INQ we make Social Mobiles. We think the world’s a better, more exciting and diverse place when technology makes it easy for people to express themselves however and whenever they want.

Art, in the many forms it takes, is key to self-expression, and has greatly benefitted from the internet in terms of reach. We want to extend this process, which is why we run INQ + ART.
This is our first project: “the box is a canvas, help is a card”

Beautiful illustrations curated to grace the back of the INQ help cards and the box, from illustrators we happen to really like. We thought we’d help to get the message out about what they do, and turn our packaging into objects to cherish, not chuck."

INQ Mobile

MTV commercials:

First Unboxing Video of the Phone:

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  1. Muchas felicidades Alberto, quedo súper linda la caja, la calidad de la impresión hace lucir aún más tu trabajo.

  2. wow! congrats...looks fantastic!!

  3. wow!

    genial mi amiga me amiga ñaña me compartio esta noticia via facebook!

    me parecen geniales tus diseños felicidades!

    y eres mexicano cierto?

    a huev....... hahaha

  4. hey esta genial tu trabajo de empaque y las tarjetas wow…muy padre…muchas felicidades por tu trabajo!!

  5. The packaging is awesome.

  6. Wow! That box is bangin' my friend. Congrats.