Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cree en el Niño

Recently I was contacted by an advertising agency in Madrid, Spain named Sra. Rushmore, they commissioned me to create an image to compete for a lottery campaign of Spain. This campaign is focused in the children, not sure how this works and if is legal in Spain for the kids to play lottery but the main idea was based in trust in your kids to choose the numbers, the image shows a kid happy to introduce the monster that lives in his closet, this is the proof! You can trust in what he say...


This image belongs to a secret project I'm currently working on, I'm very exciting about this, stay tuned to know more about :)

Born Magazine Cover

Born Magazine, an online project in Portland about literary arts and interactive media recently invited me to create the cover for their next issue.


Commissioned illustration for Nexos magazine of American Airlines, this image was created to illustrate an story about getting fired.