Monday, June 14, 2010

Kinect Adventures!

Okay, this might not be seen as the rest of my artwork but I have to admit I'm very proud with all the hard work I've been invested on this project. About 7 months ago I was kindly invited by someone in Xbox to come over to the Puget Sound area and collaborate in the production of one of the very first titles for the upcoming video-game technology known as Natal Project, today unveiled at E3 as KINECT. The new video-game system that is going to use your body to control the game and interface and I have to say is pretty cool and even magical the first time you play it!

This is the trailer debut of our game:

I'm not going to reveal yet what's my role on the production of this game, maybe some of you can perceive it there, maybe not.

Thanks to all the amazing and talented people who I work with on this great project and their incredible patience to deal with my very limited experience in the industry.

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