Friday, July 02, 2010

ColoRain in Chicago!

Nowadays everything seems to go by so fast and we can hardly stop for a moment in our rushed way of living to enjoy the beauty of simple things, those simple things that make this world unique and amazing. Among all those simple things that we can hardly notice in a daily basis, some people find rain as a kind of obstacle for happiness, they look forward with ager for the sunny and dry days. A rainy day is frequently associated with a gray, sad, hopeless and lazy mood but the true is that we owe rain a big part of our life and beauty, at the end and after a simple thought we can realize that without it we just can't enjoy all the color around us, neither those beautiful dry and sunny days.

Rain bring us color, life, happiness and for some people like me, hope and glee. Rain has a color, the color of life and joy.

ColoRain an art show exploring those colored rain drops all over spred in my current work. If you are in Chicago the weekend of July 17-18 please come by and say hi! The show is taking place in the store-gallery Oh No! Doom.

1800 N. Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60647 USA
Saturday, July 17th
6-10 PM

Sneak peek of the new work:

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