Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Puma Urban Art 2009

If you are in Buenos Aires, Argentina by the weekend of August 1-2 don't miss this festival. I was kindly invited to give a conference about my work and so exited to share the stage with artists Victor Castillo from Chile, Nate Williams from USA and the Brazilian duo Alto Contraste among a bunch of great Argentinean Pop & Street Artists.

This is the second edition of this important event, last year they have Tim Biskup, Gary Basemen, Alexandre Orion, DGPH just to mention a few. So if you want to enjoy some pop-art, live music, skate & bike shows and live painting sessions come and join us!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Monster Characters

I was wasting my time just doodling and naming some funky characters, this may be the beginning of a big collection of Monsters trading-cards. Who knows?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Great Schools

Recently I was invited by the fine fellows of Fashion Buddha to participate in a pitch-round to establish the art for a series of educational animated episodes by the City of San Francisco. This is what I came for but unfortunately didn't make it. I think the artwork is going to be under Ward Jenkins hand. I imagine this project is going to keep him busy for some time. Congrats my friend!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

And the fave one is...

My wife and I were reading and debating through all your great posts and we originally wanted to give 207 prints but we want to send our boys to University one day :) It wasn't an easy task to choose the final one, some of them were very funny, others so creative, touching or just in the same direction of what I would like my work to be depicted. So finally we decided to give away three 13"x19" and two 8.5" x 11" prints.

Thank you so much for your participation!!!

So this is how it ended:

• The Enamored Whale (13x19)

Dena Dalton said...
Why would I love to have a free 13x19 of The Enamored Whale? Because I want my son to grow up with good art work on the wall. His name is Felix and is going to be 1yr on July 30th. I want my son to know what is to have creativity around him other than what is mass produced. Your artwork is something special, and I would love for him to grow up with something special. I had a print of a scary clown juggling on my wall.
I will send you a photo of Felix loving your work.


• Yearning for Freedom (13x19)

Rachel said...
Wow! You are one of my favorite artist/illustrators I have seen in a long time. I first saw your work on the "Share Some Candy" blog and looked up your portfolio then. Your work is beautiful. My favorite of the 13x19s is "Yearning for Freedom". I love the color of the cardinal and the subtle variety of textures throughout the background in contrast with the bold shapes of the bird and branch.

The cardinal was my great-grandmother's favorite bird. When my mother was a child and saw a cardinal it always reminded her of her grandmother. They were very close. When my great-grandmother passed away my mother saw a cardinal at the burial and believed it was a symbol of her soul flying to heaven. Now, I didn't know my great-grandmother well as she passed when I was a very small child but to this day when I see a cardinal I think of her and feel a connection to her.

Thank you for your beautiful illustrations!


• The Enamored Owl (13x19)

Jiminy said...
Al, I am your conscience,

I will help you to get back to the right way of the classicism ! Give me one of your illustration, The Enamored Owl for example and as I am in France, I will tape it on La Joconde in Louvre (because the curious regard of the owl goes well with the curious smile of Mona Lisa and I suspect you to plagiarize, look at the position for instance...) and to help your psychedelic-pop art to switch to reasonable one, I will tear out parts of The Enamored Owl like a work of Jacques De la Villegle, with yelling mantras to exorcize your audacious freshness which is not recommended in these days of crisis...

In this dark time, you have to STOP using pretty and well matched colors, STOP using flowers patterns, STOP trying new supports or new mediums, you can't continue to despair Graphism students who are not able to do something good with coffee when they mistake the water pot and the cup at 3 A.M..

You can't go on drawing sweet animals and making adults become children falling in Neverland when they take a look at your art !
Peter Pan, get out of this body !

Please have a beer, stay in your sofa and watch C.S.I. Portland (oh sorry, it doesn't exist yet).


• Spring Time (8.5x11)

elBarbon! said...
llego un poco tarde como de costumbre pero también me encantaría ganar un cartel tuyo, sobre todo la de Spring Melody, rockea bastante!

¿Porque tendría de ganarmela yo? mmmmmmmmm mmmmm mmmmm, quitando los argumentos de que soy gan fan de tu trabajo, que soy un trabajador del pixel del tercer mundo y mi suledo no me alcanza para pagar $90USD por un cartel, que se vería bastante bien en mi cuarto, que me gustan las calaveras con guitarras, que nunca he ganado nada :( y demás argumentos que han usado 147 personas antes que yo; solo me queda el argumento de que fui tu primer follower en twitter?? apoco eso no vale un cartel?? jajajaja!

Saludos desde el DF!


• The Enamored Whale (8.5x11)

Z-Kids said...
My name is Lily, and I love the Enamored Whale too! The background is really, really cool. He is my favorite and I would name him Whaley. It looks like he is looking at me! And I'm 6.
- Lily


I will contact them to be sure I have the right addresses expecting to send over all the prints early this week.
Thanks a LOT AGAIN! :D

Friday, July 10, 2009

Free Print!

I'm so thrilled for your great response, the time has finished and I will announce here by monday first time the winner.
Is going to be a loooong and fun weekend reading all your nice comments :)
Thanks again!

• What?
Yes! I'm giving away one nice 13" X 19" Giclee Print signed and dedicated by hand and is going to be any one of your choice from my ETSY store in the 13x19 selections.
All free including the shipping, no matter in which part of the globe you are located!

• Why?
Because I want to thank you all for visit and constantly inspiring me with such a nice comments and emails about what I do.

• How?
Just leave a comment here and let me know which print you want and why and I will pick the best comment, no rules! You can say anything, even if you don't like my work and you just want the print to burn it out or do something filthy with it :)
You are very welcome to comment as much as you want (english or spanish). If you really convince me to give you away that particular print you choose then is all yours!

• When?
Starting as soon you read this and ending by the friday July 10th, 2009. I will announce the winner comment and print here the next monday, July 13th.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Terrible Yellow Eyes

Yes! I did a contribution for the great blog project "Terrible Yellow Eyes". A collection of works inspired by the beloved classic, Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.

Thanks to Cory Godbey for allow me to be part of this wonderful project among a lot of great artists.