Monday, November 23, 2009

Puma Urban Art 2009

Finally I can post some pictures about how was my trip this year to the great city of Buenos Aires in Argentina, still dreaming with the fantastic time that my family and I spent pretty much eating the best food ever, walking all around the city, famous places and meeting a bunch of interesting and talented people. I was invited to give a speech for the second edition of the Puma Urban Art festival during August 1st and 2nd along with the well known artist and illustrator Nate Williams, the brazilian graffitti-duo of Alto*Contraste (Lee & Lou) and some others important local artists. The festival took place in the Auditorium 2, part of the Centro Cultural Recoleta complex with an affluence of 3,000+ people offering Illustration & art lectures, live painting, skate & bike exhibitions, live music and screening shows.

Originally we planned to stay for one week only but we ended up staying long 25 days, we had the great opportunity to live the real experience of being in Buenos Aires almost like a local and we totally loved it! Hopefully one day we will go back again and maybe for much longer time :)

Video extract from the festival:

Pictures from the festival:

In this picture: Nate Williams, Christian Montenegro (hidden behind Patricio), Patricio Olivier, The Göoo Magazine crew.

A few pictures from our trip:

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  1. Great photos. Love the one with the two guys in the little boat.

  2. I love your work. I think that, I´ll buy one of your books.
    PD:beautiful photos!

  3. Daniela4:25 AM

    Muy buenas fotos! y espero que en tu proximo viaje, visites Rosario, una ciudad hermosa tambien, a 300km de Bs As., con mucho arte también. Saludos

  4. What is that domed building beside the lake? I love it!

  5. Thank you Samacleod, I love that picture too! Was taken by my wife.

    Berny, thanks!!!

    Daniela: Si, me quedé con ganas de visitar Rosario, me han dicho mou buenas cosas. Gracias y saludos!

    Hey Burl, that's the Galileo Galilei Planetarium

  6. Que pena no haber viajado a buenos Aires para conocerte!!!! Que pena, realmente. Admiro mucho tu trabajo.
    Bueno, seguiré disfrutando de tu blog!!!
    Aprovecho y te invito a visitar el mio.
    Un fuerte abrazo.

    Fernando Rossia

  7. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Hola Alberto, que alegría me dió ver las fotos de tu viaje por mis tierras. Soy de Buenos Aires, sigo desde hace mucho tus trabajos, me encantan. Como dirían aca en Argentina... SOS UN GROSSO!! Abrazo grande.

  8. ALberto: espero que te haya gustado Buenos Aires, fue muy triste no haber podido asistir a la conferencia en la que hablaste. Por cierto hay manera de verla en algún lado? Me interesaría muchisimo saber lo que has dicho!

    Un abrazo.
    Y gracias!