Friday, July 10, 2009

Free Print!

I'm so thrilled for your great response, the time has finished and I will announce here by monday first time the winner.
Is going to be a loooong and fun weekend reading all your nice comments :)
Thanks again!

• What?
Yes! I'm giving away one nice 13" X 19" Giclee Print signed and dedicated by hand and is going to be any one of your choice from my ETSY store in the 13x19 selections.
All free including the shipping, no matter in which part of the globe you are located!

• Why?
Because I want to thank you all for visit and constantly inspiring me with such a nice comments and emails about what I do.

• How?
Just leave a comment here and let me know which print you want and why and I will pick the best comment, no rules! You can say anything, even if you don't like my work and you just want the print to burn it out or do something filthy with it :)
You are very welcome to comment as much as you want (english or spanish). If you really convince me to give you away that particular print you choose then is all yours!

• When?
Starting as soon you read this and ending by the friday July 10th, 2009. I will announce the winner comment and print here the next monday, July 13th.


  1. Anonymous2:35 PM

    I like to have futro .I find it intrersting..that your work is both decoative and illustravive.I wish it would be less figuritve.I still ejoy it and your colors.....

  2. Anonymous2:37 PM

    also I would like a free print ...1307 quicksilver st round rock tx.78665..J Pelitera

  3. Anonymous2:41 PM

    i love "Yearning for Freedom"

  4. We love your cardinal in Yearning for Freedom, that's our state bird, my sons love it (I like Playtime, too)! so full of mischief! ; )

    a : )

  5. michael uman2:42 PM

    Alberto...I too would love one of your fabulous too good to be free prints!
    Futuro (13 X 19
    Michael Uman c/o INTERspectacular
    611 broadway
    ny ny 10012


  6. Alberto! I love this marketing strategy! OK, I want any one you want to give away because all of your work is beautiful and I just can't choose!

  7. I love "Sora the Winter Angel"
    i really prefare the black and white ones.

    it will be a pleasure to have this print in walls.
    muchas gracias Alberto e felicidades.

  8. Hello Alberto!

    I would absolutely LOVE a print from you! Especially Play Time! I would LOVE to get one because I have listed you under SUPER talented people on my website, and check your flickr, etsy, and website daily looking for your fantastic art to emerge into this world to make it better. I have told people about your work and if I won a print, I would display it on my wall in a frame in my new apartment, for all to see!

  9. Aaaaahhhh I want won this!!! I'm brazilian and my english and my money is so bad, but I need a chance... I'm poor and I'm so young and don't have a international card to buy your stuffs, but I have all in jpeg... I always love your job, your criatures and your imagination... I don't won anything, my chance is now! I want your print because... hm... my bedroom's wall is so ugly and I need a pretty thing to make it more beautiful! :D heuehueue

  10. ops... my favorete is "Spring Melody" *--*

  11. Me encantan todas, pero mi favorita es Yearning For Freedom. Me identifico con el cardenal por muchisimas razones.

    El manejo que tienes de las texturas y colores es fenomenal.

    Mucho exito!!! :)

  12. Your artwork makes my everything better! I have shared your art with friends which has caused many a smile, I have added it to my everyday with Gelaskins, and have attached it to both my desktop and my heart. Without the owl or the whale or mico each day on my desktop at work my job would be a little duller and quite frankly I would be in a much less pleasant mood. (My coworkers don't know it but they thank you.) You're art breaks up the monotony and for that I am grateful.

    If I were forced to select a favorite print because something absolutley amazing happend (like you chose me to win a FREE print. wink. wink. nudge. nudge.) I would have to choose the enamoured whale because he was my first glimpse of the sheer awesomeness that is your creative genius.

    That being said you are absolutley brilliant, dear friend. Stay amazing.

    Loving you more than all of the rice in Japan,

  13. Are you friggin' kidding me! How awesome! I love The Enamored Owl. Why, well I just do, it makes me feel happy and smile evertime I look at it. So colorful, makes me feel lighthearted & like a kid. Would go up in my work office for sure where it could stare at me everyday...of course I would be smiling :)

  14. i'd love to have sora the winter angel mainly because i love angels and although i love color i like that its in grayscale and i love your art because it's shows that you love and enjoy what you do, every piece is unique and at the same time you know its a Cerriteno, its really hard to pick a favorite. Congratulations and keep up the amazing job you do :)
    Greetings from Mexico

  15. Hello Alberto! I would love one of your prints! The Enamored Owl, The Enamored Whale and Yearning for Freedom are my favorites hands down. I really like the texture and vibrant "lighting" you give your work. It is really unique. The concepts are simple yet so poetic. Besides, I have a thing for birds ;)
    Thanks and thank you for being a great source of inspiration!

  16. Hola Alberto, ¡excelente iniciativa la de mimar a tus fans regalando una de tus bellas impresiones! Qué mejor manera de motivarnos a seguir apoyando tu maravilloso talento :D

    Me encantaría tener una copia de "Yearning For Freedom", básicamente porque es un canto de esperanza para todas aquellas personas que aun teniendo alas por x o z motivo no pueden acceder a la libertad; sin embargo, al contar con un espíritu luchador, no se dan por vencidas y hacen escuchar su voz… Actualmente ese es el caso de nuestros amigos iraníes o incluso nosotros mismos en Latinoamérica, con todas las cruentas dictaduras que nos tocó vivir (de hecho mi país, Bolivia, se encuentra tristemente en el libro “Guinness World Records” gracias a la cantidad de dictaduras que tuvimos).

    Obviamente tu ave está resulta de manera magistral, lo que hace de esta ilustración un deleite para todos los sentidos ;)

  17. I'd love to have a copy of your enamored whale. I first found your work looking at wallpapers for my phone on gelaskins (The Enamored Owl has been my background since January). I just recently purchased the Enamored Owl to go in my apartment. I had seen the print online several times and was always amazed by the detail in the art. I was even more impressed after I received my print and examined the piece for a really long time. I love the vibrant colors and the details of the texture. It's really incredible. I'd love to have the enamored whale to go with the owl and have them both framed on the wall in my den for all my guests to see. No matter who you choose, I think it's awesome that you're going to give away a piece of art. Thank you!

  18. Que genial esta dinámica. me encanta tambien todo lo que haces, el manejo de las texturas es muy bueno y tu estilo muy único, te felicito deverdad. Me encanta una ilustración que tenes de un mono, yo tengo cierta facinación por los dibujos de monos, pero no esta en las opciones asi que me inclino por "Nest" y si alguien ya la pidió también me encanta "Blue Demon". Siempre me llamo la atención toda la estétic de la lucha y sus heroes.
    Te comparto un link de un video que hice con unos amigos solo por diversion.
    Además mi segundo nombre es Alberto, asi que estaria bien que tu arte lo tenga un tocayo jajaja..
    Saludos y te felicito nuevamente por tan excelente obra.

  19. Pana...
    me encanta el día de lluvia...
    representa todo lo bueno de una sonrisa en un día gris,,, no te hace cantar bajo la lluvia???

    un abrazo grande desde el sur!


  20. I like the "Fishing in Peace"!
    I love the way that you apply textures to your work.
    continue the good work!

    Cheers from Portugal

  21. GIVE ME The Melancholic Cat because I am a crazy cat person I have 100 cats and my walls need artwork! I am not crazy I just looooooooooooooooooove cats they talk to me and told me to choose that print please give it to me I don't know what my cat's might do if I do not get it!

  22. I need you to please send me the whale print because by daughter loves sea creatures and will beat me up if I don't put it up on her wall soon. She's isn't bigger than me, but I draw all day and so unfortunately I have the strength of a kindergartner. She also says the whale is "part of the family". I don't know what that means but I think she's referring to my belly.

  23. Brenda Avilés3:51 PM

    The Enamored Whale is my favorite becuase I'm a Whale!

  24. The Enamored Whale has become a little mascot of my relationship with my fiance. I have it as a gelaskin on my iphone and ever since she saw it it has become "tootie", representing our cheesy way off leaving little notes that say nothing more than "I love you" hidden around the house.

    As a print, it would take pride of place in our living room, and serve as a constant reminder to continue the practice :)

  25. I work as a graphic designer at a university, and unfortunately at times the desire for conformity in the furniture and color schemes means things can be sort of... bland. I'm pretty darn in love with your The Enamored Whale print, and I know it would do wonders to make my workspace a lot prettier and more inspirational. Either way? Beautiful work, and thank you for sharing it with us!

  26. I like best the 'The Enamored Whale' because I feel a bit like the whale in your picture: despite being in between two worlds (above and under water) she is still in love. I wonder what she is in love with...perhaps life?

  27. Me encanta tu estilo! me encanta como se mezclan las texturas, cada una de tus obras son hermosas!

    Mi favorito es Play Time (13x19) la felicidad que tiene ese gato con el ovillo de lana entre sus patitas es igual a la que tiene mi gata cuando hace uñitas a los pies de mi cama!, la combinación de colores es alucinante, gracias por compartir tu arte!

    Un abrazo desde Córdoba Argentina!

  28. Why would I love to have a free 13x19 of The Enamored Whale? Because I want my son to grow up with good art work on the wall. His name is Felix and is going to be 1yr on July 30th. I want my son to know what is to have creativity around him other than what is mass produced. Your artwork is something special, and I would love for him to grow up with something special. I had a print of a scary clown juggling on my wall.
    I will send you a photo of Felix loving your work.

  29. *Twenty Stars and One hat*

    Your creativity is stunning.
    I choose this for the colours, for the elephant...that remind me India, and stars.

    Stars. They make me often spend hours watching the sky... Sometime I try to count them, sometime to talk with them.
    Last time was a couple of weeks ago. I asked for an answer from the high... and suddenly a star fell.
    Uoah... it's been exciting. It was like to receive a sign from the universe.

    Your elephant is happy. HE has found his place in the sky, and for the occasion he's dressing his best "chapeau".

    Good starry night*** :)

  30. Alberto!

    la verdad es que todas tus ilustraciones son notables y si pudiera las tendria todas decorando mi casa, pero no puedo negar que la que mas me sorprende es "Yearning For Freedom" por todo un cuento personal que tengo con las aves y el arte de volar.

    Tus ilustraciones y la tecnica que ocupas para comunicar son alucinantes, mil felicitaciones

    saludos desde Chile, espero ir a verte a SUDALA muy pronto.

    un abrazo!


  31. The soft cool glow of LCD
    Illuminates and comforts me
    I could be out, perhaps to jog
    Instead I surf on Alberto's blog

    Another piece that makes me smile
    (secretly jealous all the while)
    For Cerriteno=creative juice
    Artistic prowess on the loose!

    But hello, what's this?!? My jaw is floored!
    A contest, a challenge with great reward!
    As simple as a comment given
    Could be your ticket to giclee heaven!

    So off I go, typing quickly,
    When YEOWCH! What's that? It's something prickly.
    A young feline has placed its paws
    On my bare foot with outstretched claws!

    My temper rises, a scold is coming
    But wait, he's trying to tell me something.
    He stares intently at my screen
    At a cat toned melancholic blue and green.

    And then I understand his point,
    That print should be hanging in our joint!
    So as I close my hopeful plea
    I say thank you , good day, and PLEASE PICK ME!

    Thanks for the contest Alberto, was fun even if I don't win! LOL!

  32. Anonymous6:29 PM

    I wish the "Lion" was available for sale but "The Enamored Whale" is my second favorite. I a big fan of your art.



  33. Fishing in Peace
    Acrylics on Wood
    16" X 20" (40.6 X 50.8 cm.)
    Hola : ) he seguido tu blog para ser sincera desde hace poco pero siempre he visto tus ilustraciones (hasta que por obvias razones pense en un blog) Me gustaria mucho este print, aun no soy muy buena ilustrando y me falta pero pienso que mas adelante algo saldra y podre dibujar al fin las cosas que tengo en mi cabeza y mas. Este print me hace pensar en eso un poco jaja Bueno en el caso de que no quede escogida me gustaria saber si podrias pasarte por mi blog o algo asi o postear algunos tips por decirlo asi, sobretodo de tecnica porque realmente solo se me dan mas o menos lo lapices de colores y acuarelas jaja. gracias :3

  34. me gusta mucho The melancholic cat, el color, la expresion, las texturas TODO! ademàs mi sueldo de diseñadora gráfica jr no me permite reunir los $75.00 USD y seria bueno decorar mi estudio con una de tus ilustraciones a ver si me inspiro. maria.

  35. Wow. Lots of comments already! I love yearning for freedom as well. Love the cardinal and the key. Lots of hidden meanings that are really cool!

    Thanks for the chance to own some art.


  36. Me and my wife are your fans from Brasil and i really want to give hear "Their World" as a romantic gift.

  37. dobolina7:40 PM

    I like Tres, because you're obviously fishing for blog hits...

  38. Hi!greetings:)
    i want the 'Thier world' print or any of your artworks,I'm a young artist here in the Philippines and a big fan of you and your art,i really love that childyish feeling whenever i see your illustrations:). As a young artist you inspired me in so many ways. owning one of your Piece would bring so much happiness to me:)
    thank you

    Paula Reyes

  39. i like "yearning for freedom" because it looks like a charley harper bird having a psychedelic episode.

  40. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Enamored Owl but would appreciate any print! I'm purchasing my first home and I don't even have a stove yet, but winning one of your prints would be much more awesome! Very housewarming :)

  41. You are grateful that you've crossed with many different types of people who enjoy your art. And we all are grateful for sharing your personal love, which is art and design. I am an artist myself and I think it is absolutely awesome what you are doing. For me, if I win, I would love to take Nest home. It was a hard choice but it really came down to, which piece would I love to hang up in my room and which one would represent my feelings towards life and art. So ultimately every time I get up in the morning or get home and go to my room I can reflect on what this piece means to me and how much appreciation I can give to the Nest. This world is our Nest and Life itself is a gift. Life provides shelter no matter where you are like the Nest. We just all have to find it, which sometimes can be right in front of you. Lastly I love your work. I love the personality that runs through most of your work which is a positive and light hearted attitude. Sometimes many of us in life can get too serious about how we live. It's nice to see art expressed in very happy and delighted manner. Thank you once again for sharing your vision and art.

  42. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Soy estudiante de diseño gráfico y este año tuve la oportunidad de conocer tu trabajo, me llamó la atención que eres un diseñador y un ilustrador mexicano, el manejo de las texturas en tus piezas es muy interesante, y la influencia mexicana en ellas , las hace únicas.

    La ilustración que más me gusta es la de Blue Demon, The Leyend, porque fue con la que conocí tu trabajo y me gusta la aplicación de un elemento de la cultura popular mexicana y como lo adptaste a tu propio estilo.

    Como estudiante y aficionada a la ilustración te has convertido en una gran inspiración, y sería un honor tener una de tus obras :)

    Saludos desde México

  43. Hola Alberto primero que nada quiero agradecerte la oportunidad que nos diste a todos para más allá de ganar o no expresarte y compartirte, como un pedacito de ti que dejas en cada imagen ha tenido que ver en nuestras vidas.

    Así entonces te comparto lo que la ballenita enamorada significa en mi vida. Tal vez tenga que disculparme con ella mas tarde y es que voy a culparla de algunos acontecimientos, la declaro culpable de haber llamado tanto mi atención que tuve a optar por cazarla y traerme esa revista donde los mire a ti y a ella por primera vez en un avión a mi casa y es que una vez de haberlos conocidos supe que por algo habían llegado a mi y nos lo iba a dejar ir.
    Es culpable de dibujar en mi una sonrisa cada vez que la veo en la portada de mi libreta, lugar donde la puse por que a lo largo del día es el objeto que mas me acompaña, donde se que esta segura y donde se que puedo buscarla cada vez que quiera sentir todas esas cosas bonitas que me hace sentir, soñar e imaginar.

    Tendría que culparla también de tenerme aquí en este instante gritando a cualquier rincón del mundo los detalles tan personales de nuestra relación, pero se que no soy la única con una historia así se que ella guarda y ha creado historias en la vida de muchos aun mas grandes que la de nosotros.
    Me encantaría encontrar entre tantas palabras las necesarias y adecuadas para hacerte sentir lo que ella y yo tenemos, pero también en ese misterio se encuentra lo grandioso de algo que solo ella y yo conocemos.
    Son por estos detalles que quisiera viajara desde donde esta hasta mi, sin embargo independientemente de ello lo mas bonito es que ya desde hace tiempo estamos juntas.
    Solo resta pedirte que nos sigas regalando más de ti através de tu Obra por que tan solo un trazo puede hacer la diferencia entre un día gris y uno con mucho color, con esperanza y con alimento para el alma.
    Y pensándolos bien no voy a disculparme absolutamente por nada, por que a mis 22 años falta mucho camino por recorrer y quiero que sea culpable de más cosas.

    Un saludo y muchas gracias. =)

  44. Hi Alberto! I have been following your blog and admiring your work for a long time now, though I haven't ever commented before, I believe. When I saw this contest you are putting on I thought, I'd be stupid not to at least try. I love how imaginative and playful your artwork is, and it's inspiring to see someone who is successful in their chosen field. I would love to own one of your pieces, and if I was so lucky as to be chosen I would love to have the Enamored Mico, or Enamored Owl, or the Playtime print. They are all so fun- hard to choose! Thanks!

  45. hola eeeh a mi me gustaria tener la del elefantito con una ceja porq me hace muy feliz



  46. I would like to have The Melancholic Cat.

    I am allergic to cats so sadly cannot have one, but a print of a cat would be great. I would even name him.

  47. I absolutley love "The Enamoured Whale". I love the texture of the wood that comes out behind the paint. It gives it such depth. And the expression on his face is just so cute.

    You're an extremely talented artist. I love your work.

  48. I recently came across your artwork and I think its awesome, badass if I may say so. I would love to have Fishing in Peace. I love the colors and the look of the fish and the little skull on him is a nice touch. I love sea creatures and this fish is a keeper.

  49. Hi Alberto,
    I will speak about your awesome print "their world, our children". Four month ago, my little son was born and i draw for him a print with yours in the head. I find that the lil boy, on it, is so cute and peacefull, without any anger, like i want my boy to be...
    (If you want, i would like to offer you my pitcure, like a fan art...)

  50. I would love love love a print of "The Enamored Whale." It has long been a favorite of mine, and I really love whale artwork. The textures in this composition are so wonderfully balanced and the overall subject is so simple. Also, I'm from Portland! Show a local Portlander some love! Eh? Eh? You won't even have to pay for shipping - I could get it from you craigslist style!

  51. Okay,
    There's something you must know...

    There has been a while, there has been a whale.
    She fell in the mind of an artist maybe attracted by her melancholic singing.
    He catched her on a paper.
    Under his pencil, the whale was waiting for her sweety love.

    Honey whale! Please apologize me to have been so long to the fishmonger. I just wanted to make you the surprise of some prawns you like so much. But when I came back, you've disappeared.
    So, I became dependent to drugs, and drink a lot of water in order to ease your left.
    But 'till I know what happened, I'll do everything to recover you in my fins.

    Yes Alberto, she loves me & we love each other, so I beg you to be no more painful.

    Bring me back my love !

    [Sorry for my English ^^]
    Rémi~ (France)

  52. I always love "The Enamored Whale", but I like all of them. :)

  53. I have been a fan for a long time, my favorite for the moment is The Enamored Mico. Send some art to Australia!!! We love it!

  54. Hola Alberto, obviamente me encanta la sola idea de poder tener una de tus impresiones (Play time for the record), pero más allá de eso, quisiera extenderte un gran saludo y un fuerte abrazo desde Colombia; y sobre todo mi más sincera admiración por tu trabajo. Soy diseñador gráfico y encontrar artistas latinoamericanos de tu nivel es símplemente maravilloso.

    Con afecto, Silvino.

  55. Ello,

    This is insane! I haven't been a fan for long but I stumbled upon your work recently and I can't get over how amazingly creative it all is! I'm 17 and am attending college after I graduate high school with hopes of becoming a graphic designer and your work has been nothing less than a complete inspiration. I was caught in simple awe of the amount of work that was taken into each of these pieces and was daunted at the thought of what it may take for me personally to someday work on the artistic ideas I have.

    My personal favorite has to be "The Enamored Whale". It was the first piece of work of yours that I saw and it spoke out to me personally. My name is Jonah and every time I meet someone new they always gets a kick out of my name and always say "OH, like Jonah and the Whale"? Most would tire of it but I somehow manage to embrace it. That slight connection with your work has led me to become a new but strongly growing fan. So much so that here soon, me and my girlfriend are going to celebrate her graduation from high school and my 18th birthday by getting tattoos and I've been seriously considering my own personalized vision of your work to be inked on me.

    Congrats on all the success and I wish you much more! Thank you so much for bringing a little pulse of style and zanny-ness to our lives.



  56. Me quedaría con A Rainy Day... o con cualquiera, la verdad...
    Porque todas son aparentemente sencillas, pero están llenas de detalles en las que perderte durante mucho tiempo... y al día siguiente las vuelves a ver y encuentras detalles que antes no habías visto.
    Son como canciones que escuchas una y otra vez sin cansarte.
    Pero A Rainy Day, porque me gusta la lluvia!

  57. heh, hi there. I've been stalking your works through my rss reader. :D
    Hard to choose one from your works because they've all got a crazy and whimsical style that I'd love to stare at for inspiration. I guess I'll have to choose Spring Melody because I love the colors and the cheerful theme of bones, music and nature.

  58. buenas alberto,
    I really enjoy The Enamored Mico. I remember the first time I saw some of your images I thought, wow this feels like its inspired by a rich Hispanic heritage and when I read your name I completely understood. The flatness of the figures and the strong colors remind me of old Quetzalcoatl wall murals which I feel connect las indiginas to the eastern world signifying that we are all family.
    Te respeto como artista con una raíz bien reconocido, y espero que tengas una vida prosperada.

  59. Oh my!!!
    It's so incredibly hard to choose!!!
    I adore your work, I've been your fan for a long time, really!! ♥

    It's been a long struggle between "The enamored Owl", "Play Time" and "The enamored Whale"...But in the end my heart led me to choose "The Enamored Owl":

    ...Because I still share my room with my little sister, and she's totally fond of Owls: I'm sure she would be definitely enthusiastic to see such a pair of enamored ipnotic eyes on our wall!! ♥

    ...What else could I say to convince you to choose me?...I'm a fellow artist and I'd love to send you one of my prints, as an exchange ^__^
    Seriously, I would be honoured, if you think you may like them!! ;)

    ...And I could also send you a bunch of kisses inside a gift box!
    Because you know, every illustrator feels a bit sad and lonely sometimes, and a kiss could be more helpful than candy!

    With love, all my best whishes, and my fingers tightly crossed,


  60. I am getting my own appartment and I would loooove to start erasing the white off my new wall by hanging one of your prints! :)
    I love Tres or Play Time.

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. Albert,
    I came your work sometime ago doing a google image search on octopus, where I found your beautiful octopus digital illustration. I have been hooked ever since. As a huge fan of designer vinyl and urban art, you are on of my favorite artists in the industry. The Enamored Owl is by far my favorite print at the moment. It's the background on my work computer, and I study the lines and layers everyday constantly finding something new and exciting about it. I would feel so honored if I could frame that print and hang it in my home. Please keep doing what you are doing, I love seeing new things from you!

  63. I have a white wall at home that says nothing to me all day long. I also need someone to join me when I'm playing my guitar. so I have to pick the Spring Melody 01.

    thanks and cheers from Brasil

  64. Hola Alberto, me encantaria tener "Play time", primero porq me encanta tus ilustraciones te sigo hace mucho, amo los gatos y NECESITO TENERLOOOO! jajajaj muchas gracias!! felicitaciones por tu trabajo

  65. My dorm room would not be complete without the Enamored Mico. I see a lot of myself in the subject =P. I also love your choice in color here! Everything about it is mesmerizing =)

  66. Mi elección sería el Sora the Winter Angel porque (dejando hasta el final lo obvio) tiene muchas referencias a personajes que me gustaban de niño:

    Ziggy- Esa hermosa nariz urgida de una cirugía estética y reconstrucción del tabique interfrontal ¡nada más sexy!

    Bufanda de Potter - que sí, que no es viejo, pero cuando tenga 50 seguro estaré navegando por ebay para comprar una bufandita tan mona y vintage de Harry.

    Ropa de los 70's - porque ese camisón cuadriculado seguro es la onda en el cielo de los ángeles del invierno. Seguro compra en Palacio de Hierro.

    Tentáculos - Qué erotico tener 8 brazos pa'abrazar a tu media naranja. Y qué mejor que con espinas, el amor muy a la S&M. They even would scare the sh*t out of Ursula!

    Y por último - lo obvio, el ego booster, a que te gusta! - porque está ilustrado con un estilo muy particular, muy bien cuidado en cuanto a iluminación; porque me encantan los ángeles y las ilustraciones que yuxtaponen lo bello y lo raro de manera efectiva; y porque es inspirador para uno que apenas si sabe dibujar y quiere llegar a esos niveles.

  67. Anonymous8:39 AM

    "Their world" has an ethereal quality that is both riveting and calming.

    I always remind myself that a successful piece is both practical and pictorial. Your work combines both and more.

  68. There once was a lonely monk.

    To purify his spirit and to dwell in the reverence of the world he chose a life of quiet solitude in the high mountains amongst the trees and animals.
    His days were filled with silent prayer that the creatures of the forest wouldn't eat his small garden.

    He prayed that the bears and wolves would not eat him down to his bones. He prayed the rain would not flood his cave. His prayers covered every small need he had so that he might live a perfect life in union with all creation.

    One day he awoke, and there were no clouds and no flooding. The animals that would eat him had migrated away. Those that might eat his garden had left it unharmed.

    "At last," he thought. "I am free from all that holds me from a true spiritual form." He took the key to his old home in the town and untied it from the red string he used to hold it to his belt.

    He stood out over the cliffs and threw the key away.

    Then he had nothing. No worries and no anchors. Yet in that moment he was struck with a sudden sadness.

    All this time he had prayed for himself. That he might be safe. That his garden not rot. That his eyes not be blinded. Instead, he was blinder now than ever before and the floods the skies had not delivered had filled him from within.

    He had prayed for himself while the floods of the world had poured over everyone else.


    Alberto, thank you for your beautiful images. I promise to buy a copy of Yearning for Freedom once I have made the down payment on my new apartment.

    You inspire me, please keep up the great work.

  69. Nest - simply because it will look AWESOME on my wall! Thanks!

  70. Olá, gostaria muito de ter a "Tres ou a Futuro" gostei muito do título e da pintura das duas.

    Hi, i'm from Brasil, and i love to get one piece of your work. I like the paintigs that you named with spanish words. And it is write in the same way in Portuguese. "Futuro or Tres". Great Work !!

    abraço e até.

  71. I'd pick nest, because it would be the best house warming present for my sister that I could possibly think of!

    I'm a huge fan, and have bought 3 of your awesome prints already.

    Thanks for the great work!

  72. Nicolette1:17 PM

    I'd pick The Enamored Owl. When I look at this piece, it brings me into it's world and it's differnt eveytime...showing me something I never saw before the last look. So basically yeah,...I'm enamored by The Enamored Owl. ;)

    Either way,I just wanna say that I'm a new and huge fan of yours and can't wait for what you come up with next! Thanks for sharing your work!!


  73. I too would love the Enamored Owl (along with all the other prints) in order to inspire my young son. I hope that he grows up and can express himself in such an incredible way. Art has helped me through a lot of things and I know it will him too.

    Keep doing what you do, it rocks.

  74. Nest is my fave...I make specialty cakes, and that one makes me want to make a cake in it's honor!

  75. I like "Blue Demon, The Leyend", i like lucha libre (and obviously Nacho Libre, the movie), i like your art and the way you put a mmark on everithing you touch.

    I won't burn the print. instead i'll love it and take care of it:)))

    so many compliments for your work, extra sincerely.

  76. Chin, llegue tarde pero la de spring melody es mi favorita :)

    Un abrazo y si quieres hacemos cambio :)

  77. I've been following your work on flickr for some time now.

    "Tres" holds a special place in my heart. It just reminds me of the fun I had fishing with my dad as a boy. I also love the little squidy/octopus guy you have in there. I <3 cephalopods, and that really puts the icing on the cake for me :)

    Hope to see this one in my room :)

  78. Anonymous4:30 PM

    buuuueeeena alberto =)! hay mucha competencia para recibir un impreso y la verdad es que no quiero convencerte de que sea un afortunado de tu trabajo, la verdad es que quiero felicitarte por tu trabajo, tu estilo ha sido inspiracion para mi como diseñador grafico y espero verte en santiago de chile para por alguna razon te sobra alguno para regalar ¿podria ser "the enamored owl" o "lolo meditating"? xD me siento ultra identificado con esos.

    bueno exito&bless!

    Cesar N.

  79. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Hey como le vaa ? , es verdad concuerdo con cesar N., uno se siente como medio mal posteando para convencerte de " xq soy el indicado para tener un alberto cerriteño en casa " jajaja, pero bueno. Me acuerdo que encontre tu flickr porque estaba buscando diseños de tablas.. en cuanto entre para ver el resto de tus laburos..dije nooooo (L) y me enamore por mil jajaja. Me parece genial el manejo que tenes de las texturas tanto a mano como en la pc y los contrastes, paletas y saturaciones me encantan todavía mas (L) . Si tuviera que elegir entre los trabajos que estas regalando me encantaría "the enamored owl" xq me encanta la paleta de colores tan saturada y calida, el rojo y sus análogos son como mi amor platónico jaja.
    Me voy yendo y te dejo una simple frase que me remite mucho a lo que haces , dice " El diseño no va a cambiar el mundo, pero podría hacerlo mas lindo no?" , la verdad creo que son laburos como los tuyos los que uno se alegra de ver y te nutren los ojos y la cabeza, entre tanto quilombo.
    Te mando saludos y te felicito por tener la iluminación para hacer lo que haces y la técnica para llevarlo a cabo,
    segui asi!


  80. Why am I fan of the combination of bold color you USA in their work. But best of all are the same graphics that together with others is in several different textures.

    Even if I win, please know that I am fan of your work, you Weberson Santiago and illustrator are tops on my list of the best illustrators in the world ... swear!

    if it were to choose one, I would by all ... he he he swear!
    but q would be only one, would be "The Cat melancholic" or the "Lion" .. ehhe that he is not on the list ... Ehe

    Anyway, congratulations for you!

    Henrique Abreu
    Rua Nogueira Acioli, n° 1080, apto 601, Centro - Fortaleza-Ceará-BRASIL
    CEP 601110-141



    Grande abraço!

  81. Hello!
    The "Free Print" ideia is fantastic!
    I'd love to win one of your prints! The one I like most is Yearning For Freedom!
    I love the way you use textures and colors! Everything is absolutely creative!

    Thank you!

  82. I would love to get "Their World", because I used this image as my desktop background for a loooong time, few years ago(about 2yrs ago), on my work computer at an ad. agency here in the end of the world: south of Brazil.

  83. Hi Alberto,
    Your work is beautiful, congratulations. If you choose me I'm going to be glad with any print that you pick.
    Hugs from Brazil

  84. Owl.
    It would be an honor to have your work hanging in my home.
    Seeing your illustrations online, gives me feelings of inspiration, wonder and contentment.
    One can only imagine how seeing an original print every day will make me feel.
    Thank you,
    p.s. I saw that you were looking for a rep and recommended you to Bernstein & Andriulli in NY. I hope they contacted you. It would be a good fit I think.

  85. All of your work is super awesome but I think I would enjoy receiving The Enamored Owl most of all.

    I thought about writing some long, strung out story about how bad my day sucked today but I think I will just keep it clean and simple.

    (Fingers Crossed)

    Pero si todas son buenas!!
    Acaso estas haciendo trampa?

    I'll have to say: "The Enamored Mico"
    but seriously, they are all so good.

    It's a funny silly character, great textures as usual,
    & love the color+contrast you have used.

    JMM! (clearing my throat)
    Why are you doing this to us?
    You are going to create chaoooos!
    { :P

    Cheers, Mr. Albertou Cerriteñou.
    { ' ü _ ú}

  87. Alberto, yo quiero Blue Demon, La iba a comprar hoy porque quiero decorar mi nueva casa con esa espectacular imagen, cuando vi lo de este concurso!, en fin mejor la voy a comprar y mandame otra que te encante a ti no importa cual sea todas son buenisimas, con eso me quedo con dos... saludos desde Colombia!

  88. sarah rose8:19 PM

    hi alberto,
    i love your new illustration playtime. the character you created makes me smile every time i look at it. i am currently going to school to be an illustrator and your work is truly an inspiration i would love to have a print of yours to hang on my wall and look at everyday.
    thank you for your work,

  89. WoW! que iniciativa tan genial! se que decir!! si agradecerte por algo que aun no me he ganado, o felicitarte por entender que el arte tiene que ser alcanzable a todos así no haya dinero! .. me encantaria tener en mi pared Spring Melody, hasta buscaria ese marco que tienes en Etsy. Un abrazo y saludes desde Colombia!


  90. Hi, I'm from Brasil, I should pick "The Helium Adventure" because of a fact that happend over here, a priest flew away with helium balloons and disappeared in the ocean (google it), but I want SO MUCH "The Enamored Mico" to put in front of my desktop to keep myself inspired about life, love and ink!

    hugs from brazil, I love your work, and even If don't win it, when I start working I'll save money to buy from etsy!

  91. Oh man... definitely the Enamored Owl! I sorta have an obsession with owls lately that I can't really explain.

  92. Alberto,
    la verdad es que todos me parecen horribles. Tus texturas son malisimas y si tuviera que elegir uno, nose con cual me quedaría, tal vez con Spring Melody, pero por descarte. tu trazo se parece al de un chico de 2 años, es mas, puse a mi hermanito a ilustrar y le dije que no se parezca a ti. Además tu paleta de colores es demasiado triste. En fin, me voy a dormir. Me amargué. Igual un poco mas relajado que antes.

    Criticar al mejor ilustrador de la tierra , alimenta mi ego.



    te quiero mucho je!.

  93. Your works are whimsical. I love their narrative qualities. I'm inspired by them so I love visiting your blog and your flickr stream. Thank you for sharing them.

  94. Oh, I'd like the happy cat on the upper left hand corner.





  96. Your artwork is truly inspirational and I'd be overly ecstatic to own any of your pieces but "Sora the Winter Angel" is my absolute favorite. Keep up the amazing work and thanks for the free give away.

  97. Hola Alberto,

    Considerando lo generoso de su oferta me atrevo a solicitar una copia de Spring Melody.

    Las razones son muchas. Mas allá de la elegancia y lo certero de las formas que siempre es caracteristico en su estilo, esta imagen, trae fabulosos recuerdos de la iconografía mexicana que tuve la fortuna de admirar en persona recientemente.

    En fin, espero que siga produciendo prolíficamente por siempre, felicitaciones por el trabajo y por el justo reconocimiento.



  98. Hola Alberto. Their World es extraordinaria. May I, pleaaaaaaaaase!!!!!!! :)

    Saludos cordiales.

  99. Hi ! I'd would love to have "Blue Demon The Leyend" because it's the artwork that made me discover your work ans gave me interest in Mexican culture and graphism.

    I've made a student short movie in 3D about Lucha Libre Mexicana called "Luchadores" ( ) and this artwork was one of my early inspiration.

    Furthermore, your work and style in general still inspires me, the work on wooden or paper texture is something I use to do too in my 2D or 3D work.

    Okay I'm acting like a real groupie, sorry about that, but I'd really love to havee this print !


  100. Wow, heaps of comments! Everyone stands a chance.

    You know how much I adore your dark earthly colours. My choice definitely goes to "The Enamored Owl".

    It'll go perfectly with the mellow you did. It's sitting handsomely on the shelf in my living.

    Awesome works, in due time, I wish to continue supporting your works with constant purchases.

    All the best Alberto.

  101. Alberto,
    They are all great but I think I need the Enamored Owl. He could use his keen sense of sight at night to keep me safe while I sleep and of course during the day is me who would take care of him and feed him with love (To keep him enamoured).

  102. Alberto,
    They are all great but I think I need the Enamored Owl. He could use his keen sense of sight at night to keep me safe while I sleep and of course during the day is me who would take care of him and feed him with love (To keep him enamoured).

    (Sorry, I put the wrong URL on the previews message)

  103. Hola Alberto, necesito "Tres" porque soy diseñadora y llevo años para crear algo para mi misma para poner en las paredes...y como te puedes imaginar..las paredes siguen vacias. Ya sabes como es diseñar para uno mismo... "Tres" tiene los colores perfectos para mi salón :) Tu tienes la última decisión para hacer que mi pared siga siendo triste y vacía.. o alegre y llena de color :)

  104. I would like the Enamoured Whale simply because it would look ace on my currently, terribly bare wall! :)

  105. Since I love owls, my choice would be obvious - The Enamored Owl :) I'd love to hang it somewhere in my soon-to-be-rented flat in Prague where I'm supposed to move soon. Needless to say I will miss my family and friends like hell but just a glance at the Owl would surely make my day brighter :)) Awww, I wish I had even 0.01% of your talent ♥

  106. What a great and generous offer! I love Spring Melody, great colors and great pose on that banjo player!

  107. +
    I say:
    Tres=Très bon!
    cheerio chap,
    for this generous contest
    studio illurama

  108. holy moly... 108 coments :O

  109. You're really awesome !!!! Love ypour work , Blue Demon Lucha Libre is the print I love . thanks

  110. Hello,
    I'd pick Spring Melody 01. It always reminds me of an old man I knew who used to play old italian songs on the mandolin in a corner of our village. He never spoke a word neither asked for money, but always giving smiles :). I thank him for choosing always the right tune for the moment, even if now he's gone and we miss his wisdom.

    Keep up the great work! ;)
    Daniele from Italy

  111. I adore your work! I actually was plan on buying a print soon! I would love a print because I just moved to Boston and was only able to bring a limited amount of things. My walls are in need of life :)

  112. oops! My favorite print is "Play time"

  113. Como quisiera estar unos comentarios mas arriba pero bueno por hay dicen que los ultimos seran los primeros.

    Cuando vi tu ilustracion de blue demon me emocione mucho por que tenia un doble valor para mi, el valor de la leyenda de mi pasion por la lucha libre como una manifestacion poderosa de estetica e identidad latinoamericana, y el valor de ser una interpretacion en el lenguaje tan particular de tus trabajos, je je mejor dicho dos en uno.

    ahora la emocion es mayor cuando existe la posibilidad de tener esta pieza en mi poder.

    viva la lucha.

    saludo alberto

  114. Si nuestros pasos fueran

    Los pasos de la tortuga

    Sabríamos a dónde ir

    tus dibujos parecen saber siempre a donde ir,sin dejar de estar en el camino de la intuición, la que nos muestra nueva posibilidades, este paralelismo entre saber a donde van los dibujos y no saber el camino, no es mas que contraponer talento y las circunstancias en que inicias el dibujo. Cuando recién conocí tu trabajo me sorprendió ver la ilustración de "TRES", la fuerza de las formas y la armonía de los colores, lo que logras en esa composición no lo había visto en antes, me gusta tu trabajo y si puedo tener ese dibujo seria un honor.

  115. Anonymous10:40 AM

    ¡Que tal! Hace poco escuche la frase "piensa en global y actúa en local"...Y, si el trabajo de un diseñador despierta una sonrisa al mirar una ilustración, si despierta meláncolia y fascinación por las formas y el uso del color, si despierta un momento de reflexión por mirar: "Dream in a botlle", "Tres" o "Yearning for freedom", creo que se ha hecho una contribución a ser de este un mundo mejor.

  116. uhhhhh llegué muy tarde???? HAY MUCHOS EN LA LISTA!! es que cuando regalan algo todos nos anotamos!, yo no quiero perderme la oportunidad de tenerte en mi colección de artistazos, ya tengo reservado el espacio en un lugar privilegiado de mi hogar ;)mmmmhhh qué complicado está esto de elegir ¡! ... The enamored whale: porque me siento así... UNA BALLENA ENAMORADA :)

  117. I'll let you in on a little secret...I think your art is my only saving grace. It seems that as long as I continue to occasionally surprise my girlfriend with a new piece of you art I manage to escape the marriage/proposal thing. Now if there was only something that could help me dodge the marriage questions from my mother...

    I would choose The Enamored Mico because it's one of the few I don't have.

  118. Blue Demon, The Leyend. Just because it's ME on that drawing.

  119. Wow! So many comments already. And so many wonderful stories that I can relate to... Especially about how your work brings big huge grin to my face. Its nice to see how many people are inspired by the work you do. When I need a dose of happiness and brightness, I browse through your Flickr account and choose something to go up as my wallpaper. I also love that you publish your work under a Creative Commons license.

    I would love to have 'The Enamored Owl' because he is so darn cute. I love the textures, the colours and especially the circular patterns in this particular image. And the white clouds... uber cool!

    Keep up the good and happy work! And good luck to everyone who is entering this contest.

  120. Patricia and Susana12:43 PM

    Hola Alberto!!

    First of all, congratulations for this wonderful and so generous idea of offering a print to someone. That is very kind of you ♥

    The print that me and my sister would love to have is "Play Time". The textures, colours and the whole mood of the painting is so festive. Your work is brilliant and never cease to make us write our own story about it (hope this made some sense :P) in our heads... your compositions are incredible original ♥

    Keep up the excellent work!

    All the best from Lisbon!

  121. Yo quiero el de Blue Demon porque el es mi heroe y la lucha es vida! Y tu arte es bien chingon! Andale no seas malo cabron! Regalame uno buey!

  122. Hola! que padre que te unas a las rifas, me gustaria The Enamored Owl me gustan los buhos, y estoy coleccionando arte de amigos diseñadores y de no tan amigos que me gustan sus trabajos ya entre a dos rifas una de TONO una fotografa Méxicana y a otra de Ani Castillo una ilustradora también mexicana que vive en canada y recientemente acabo de comprar una foto que tomo un amigo a los flaming lips, tu trabajo me gusta mucho y me gustaria ganar esta vez :)

  123. Hello! I would love to have a print of "The Enamored Whale." He is absolutely adorable and so gorgeously done! The one big eye & the scratch on his forehead makes me want to protect and care for this cute little guy (or girl!). I love your technique with the wood graining (common throughout your work & is one of my favorite elements). The flower detailing for the water is incredible. He just makes me happy.

  124. Hermano me encanta tu estilo particularmente los Luchadores! no me molestaría ganar algo que tendría un lugar especial en mi estudio. Si no pues lo compraré porque tu arte está genial. Saludos de Guadalajara.


  125. Alberto I have been following you on your blog and on flickr for awhile. I have bookmarked every creation you have made for sale in hopes that one day I may actually be able to own one. But fortunes (literally) have not been on my side.

    I would love to have the 'enamoured' whale if I should be so lucky.

    If I'm not I would also like to tell you that you are a talented artist and your work always reminds me of my very happy childhood, thanks for that.

  126. Hla Alberto!
    Soy Melina, desde Argentina. Me he hecho fan de tu trabajo gracias a una amiga diseñadora, que me pasó tu sitio. Y en especial me enamoré de Play Time. Estoy embarazada de cinco meses -es una niña- y como tengo gato le leo desde el 1er mes cuentos donde los protagonistas son gatos. Imaginate mi emoción cuando me mostraron Play Time! Felicitaciones y mil gracias por compartir tu hermoso trabajo!

  127. Dear Alberto,
    I would *love* to have a dedicated print from you. I'd choose the Enamored Whale, because the drawing is so beautiful, and it speaks of love without being too cute. I especially like the detail of the flower in the sea, it gives a particular uniqueness and grace to the whole piece of art.
    I must admit this image replaced the photo of my son as a background in my mobile phone too – should I pay you rights for that?
    Elisa - from Italy

  128. Anonymous8:37 AM

    I would dearly love the enamoured owl as my dis-enamoured owls are feeling lonelier by the day and they need the positive influence...

    help them feel good again. :)

  129. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Hola alberto soy sebastian pelaez mi favorito "Yearning for Freedom" por que en este momento de mi vida me siento como ese pájaro que quiere salir a volar libremente y no puede. Felicitaciones por tu trabajo lo he seguido por internet desde hace tiempo, creo que es único. Saludos desde Colombia!

    mi mail es

  130. I am enamored with the enamored whale. Your work is an inspiration to me, in its elegance and whimsy. Why the whale? My new son, Jonah, would go really well with it.

  131. A "The Enamored Mico" please. Because I love it!

  132. A "The Enamored Mico" please. Because I love it!

  133. Please, I need the Enamored Owl!! I have just moved with my wife and we're decorating our apartament slowly. Her lucky animal is the owl!! This drawing is also very inspiring and would set a happy mood on our home. thanks! good vibrations from Brazil!

  134. Anonymous8:25 PM

    The Enamored Whale is the most increíble piece of art ever. I showed it to my grandmother before she died recently, and she and I always talked about it. I gave a eulogy about it at her funeral, and it would mean the world to me if I could put the painting next to her ashes.

  135. Que chido! enserio que admiro un buen a los ilustradores como tu que se dignan a leer todos lo coments!
    bueno pues como todos me gusta lo que es gratis y mejor si es una ilustración de una gran calidad como la tuya, pues a lo que voy, a mi me gustaria tener una impresion de blue demon ya que esa fue la ilustracion con la que concoci tu trabajo y la verdad soy un fan de el blue y el santo jajaja.
    pues solo eso me gustaria tenerla enmarcada en mi cuarto para presumirla a mis amigos y familia!

  136. hey hola alberto, a decir verdad creo que fuiste una de las principales influencias en mis inicios de ilustracion, creo que tu trabajo es excelente, de lo mejor d Mexico y el mundo, seria un placer enorme contar con uno d tus trabajos, me gustaria "Tres" o "playtime" ya que el arte y los colores son perfectos. Seria un honor tener una visita tuya en mi blog o contar con algun comentario de ti, saludos desde mexicali.

  137. Hi, I realy love the "enamored owl" and the "enamored mico".

    A friend of mine, a few months ago, showed me your work. I felt in love with it at the moment I layed eyes on the pictures. So I started to draw everyday inspired on you. My illustrations are getting better and better. So I decided what I want to do in my life is this, draw everyday. So I quit my job, and I'm going to take some classes about digital illustration and 3D animations. The only reason I didn't buy an print of yours yet, is because I live in Brasil and the shipping would be too much expensive, and we have a lot of taxes for a international purchase.
    I would be very very happy if the guy who inspired me on my career sended me one of his pictures.
    Thanks for the opportunity, and sorry about my lazy english.

  138. Never been here before. But hook me up with that awesome NEST print, and I pomise to never bother you again.

  139. Me encantaría tener uno de tus trabajos, simplemente porque admiro tu talento, me gusta ilustrar y me inspira ver un trabajo bien hecho…simplemente dan ganas de trabajar y dar más del 100% -inspiración pura- Tomame en cuenta, Gracias!!!

  140. oh my, you already have so many comments :) It's quiet intimidating. But then again I thought, leaving a comment would just be fair. I have to admit that I don't know your blog for a long time (I've recently discovered it) but I like your artwork altogether very much. It's hard to choose a favourite, but I'd go for "Spring Melody", because I think it's really fresh in colours and style, but has something calm and beautiful in the subject. Everything seems to fit together so perfectly. And it would be absolutely awesome to hang it up on my wall (I move to my first own apartment next month and I still have many walls to fill). Another reason why you should send me that print is, that I live in Switzerland, and cool, fresh artwork is hard to find here. It would be good advertisement for you to have a fan in Switzerland ;) well, anyway, if I'm winning this great opportunity or not, it was good to write that comment and let you know, that your stuff means something to me. please keep it up!!

    Rina Jost
    Neuhauserstr. 34 b
    8500 Frauenfeld

  141. ezequielteran@gmail.com10:40 AM

    Hola, antes que nada, muchas felicidades por tu trabajo, tenemos un pequeño estudio de diseño en la cuidad de Oaxaca, en México, nos encanta e inspira tu trabajo, seria un honor poder tener en la oficina una ilustración tuya, es sorprendente la sensibilidad que tienes, los colores , las texturas, y ver tu trabajo seria un motivante para continuar haciendo lo que nos gusta y definitivamente tu trabajo es inspirador.

    Nos gusta la ilustración de BLUE DEMON THE LEYEND, por ser un icono mexicano, pero desde tu punto de vista.

    Muchos saludos y seguimos en contacto.

  142. hey man. :D i like your stuff... woot i hope a get a free print. :) il even exchange a print with you .:D cheers man!

  143. Because once, I left "the enamored whale" on my desktop, and my mom said: What a beautiful drawing!Did u make it? ... And I said yeah mom,I did it for you(cause she was marine biologist) but since I'm a failure as a designer.. I would really be glad to receive this print, to put on her wall.
    Thanks for your art.Bye.

  144. Cibelle Cruz6:12 AM

    Siempre, desde niña, he sentido fascinación por las ballenas. Algo relativamente inexplicable para mí, aunque presumo que haber sido toda la vida un poco melancólica y saber que esos magníficos animales tienen la música -mi pasión- como sistema de comunicación, puede influir un poco en esa atracción que ejercen en mí. Ver tu ballena enamorada me conmueve y me inspira. En ese mar de arabescos parecen flotar sus amorosos gemidos musicales. Sería fantástico ver nadar a tu ballena enamorada en este rincón de Venezuela. Precioso trabajo!

  145. Ok. I really like your "Enamored Owl". Why do I want it? Because me and my husband are building our own house all by ourselves.. no help and I would LOVE to have this hanging on the wall! The house we are building is round and up in the woods. There are a lot of owls around the area so I thought it would fit in just well! It would be a happy owl back in its own environment! But if you do not choose me I recommend Diego Machuca because I know what it is like to be so poor ^_^

  146. I would like to have "Yearning for Freedom" because it is so beautiful and tomorrow is my birthday. What a nice gift it would make!

  147. llego un poco tarde como de costumbre pero también me encantaría ganar un cartel tuyo, sobre todo la de Spring Melody, rockea bastante!

    ¿Porque tendría de ganarmela yo? mmmmmmmmm mmmmm mmmmm, quitando los argumentos de que soy gan fan de tu trabajo, que soy un trabajador del pixel del tercer mundo y mi suledo no me alcanza para pagar $90USD por un cartel, que se vería bastante bien en mi cuarto, que me gustan las calaveras con guitarras, que nunca he ganado nada :( y demás argumentos que han usado 147 personas antes que yo; solo me queda el argumento de que fui tu primer follower en twitter?? apoco eso no vale un cartel?? jajajaja!

    Saludos desde el DF!

  148. Alberto!I love what you're doing!Nice work+ loads of diligence on this blog of yours!I would love to own your "Yearning for Freedom" print!Greetings from SOuth Africa!~

  149. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Hi Alberto

    My name Mariano, i like your blog a lot, it says a lot of you as a person and shows good hard work

    if i had to choose one of your prints it would be "A rainy day", to me it´s the most inspiring
    ( i realize now i wrote this in english..? hahahha costumbres de internet..)

    Keep up the awesome work

  150. I'm not gonna lie, I'd never seen anything of yours until I stumbled upon Nosferatu about seven minutes ago. But I'm not exaggerating when I say it was love completely and immediately. I'm young, and I don't have much money, but I've always wanted some kind of art I could just own or hold; now I've seen yours I couldn't think of another's I'd want more.

    Also, the people I'm with right now are watching this awful, horrid movie called Tromeo and Juliet that while accomplishes its point, makes me want to set myself on fire. Your art has made me feel about 90% less so, which is the highest praise I could offer.

    Lolo Meditating would make me smile everyday.

  151. I just came across your work this evening. I think this is a great idea and you're a quality talent. I'll be following you in the future. Best.

  152. Anonymous8:54 PM

    que tal alberto me gustaria la de el dia lluvioso me laten los dias lluviosos y tu lo plasmaste muy chido algunas personas creen que son tristes y hasta me han dicho que soy medio raro y negativo pero aunque paresca contradictorio los dias nublados y/o lluviosos me ponen de buenas bueno ya le paro al choro que te valla chido un saludo.

    P.D. no se como vas a dar las ilustarciones pero si mi comment gana (jajajajaja) dejo mi mail si no como le haces para saber que soy yo de verdad jajajajajaja :

  153. Anonymous9:07 PM

    soy yo el casuelasotejano de nuevo jajaja esque acabo de ver el nosferatu que hiciste como con relieves y esta chingonsisimo, ese personaje como me late me impacto desde la pelicula que la vi bien morro con mi tio y la pelicula muda con la musicalizacion me dejaron perplejo por no decir otra cosa jajaja, no se si ese tambien lo vas a regalar pero si es asi tambien me apunto para ese jajaja no manches cada cosa que sacas nueva me impresiona tu ya eres de primer nivel gran turismo y biutiful como dijeran en las luchas jajajajajajajajajajaja bueno eso era todo saludos.

  154. Wow! You are one of my favorite artist/illustrators I have seen in a long time. I first saw your work on the "Share Some Candy" blog and looked up your portfolio then. Your work is beautiful. My favorite of the 13x19s is "Yearning for Freedom". I love the color of the cardinal and the subtle variety of textures throughout the background in contrast with the bold shapes of the bird and branch.

    The cardinal was my great-grandmother's favorite bird. When my mother was a child and saw a cardinal it always reminded her of her grandmother. They were very close. When my great-grandmother passed away my mother saw a cardinal at the burial and believed it was a symbol of her soul flying to heaven. Now, I didn't know my great-grandmother well as she passed when I was a very small child but to this day when I see a cardinal I think of her and feel a connection to her.

    Thank you for your beautiful illustrations!

  155. Anonymous9:24 PM



  156. Hey, Im a new fan! I just found your work today from Terrible Yellow Eyes. I wanted to enter your competition because it ends around my birthday - 11th of July.
    I think I like Spring Melody the most because of the brilliant shade of blue and pink, and, of course, all the lovely textures that are in all your work. Also the character looks like a skeleton - I love skulls. Plus it just makes me smile!
    This would look so great on the wall of my new house and I would love to go show it off in university (Im doing an illustration course).
    Hopefully you will see this comment through all the others, that are complimenting you, and at least check out my own blog :)

  157. would loooove to receive a print from ur collection because this is the first time , im visiting ur work and while the page was just loading, i was already impressed. which doesn happen too often. Also, m not very lucky when it comes to awards and contests. but if i win a free print here, i promise to put in extra efforts and not let opportunities slip by, cos my faith will be re-affirmed.

    plus, im definitely in a very far away part of the globe from u. as far as INDIA.

    hoping to hear from u. even just a mail minus a prize print will be quite nice, thanks!

    either ways, love ur work. M inspired.

    (a wannabe artist trying to make it big in this hugely talented world. hope to succeed one fine day)

  158. Alberto!
    I like the Blue Demon illustration! =P
    Rua Cássia, 133 - Jd. Presidente
    CEP 13616-010 - Leme - SP - Brasil.

    My best!

  159. Alberto. No Need to say that your work is amazing.
    I was looking for something that could represent ART for my newborn baby daughter room, so she could learn from an early age to appreciate the beauty of art. The Enamored Owl is my favorite to give to her and place on her wall in front of her crib. Hope you can give me the gift of giving art to her.
    Best regard

  160. Alberto. No Need to say that your work is amazing.
    I was looking for something that could represent ART for my newborn baby daughter room, so she could learn from an early age to appreciate the beauty of art. The Enamored Owl is my favorite to give to her and place on her wall in front of her crib. Hope you can give me the gift of giving art to her.
    Best regard

  161. heyy!!! whoaa!!! estimado señor Cerriteño!!! un obra gratis!!! claro que me gustaría ganármela, para hacerte la barba y poder colgarla en frente de mi zona de trabajo, y para segur con los elogios! como siempre lo he dicho eres una gran inspiración para mi como estudiante de diseño, eres una meta a alcanzar y superar! gracias y esperare la impresión del búho. yeah!!

  162. me gustaría enfrentarme a Blue Demon, The Leyend


  163. Hi Alberto,

    Discovered your blog through Terrible Yellow Eyes. I have been following your blog ever since. Colour scheme and textures create amazing depth in your art. I would love a print of The Enamored Owl for my sister, she collects everything owl.


  164. love the concept of the Enamored Owl. I am used to thinking of owls as wise. They also remind me of this old little poem:
    A wise old owl lived in an oak
    The more he saw the less he spoke
    The less he spoke the more he heard.
    Why can't we all be like that wise old bird?
    I would love very much to know the story of the owl that fell in love.

  165. The Enamored Whale

    because I'm really afraid of whales but really in love with this one! Which makes it really special!

    Love your work, keeps me going in the morning after a creativity dip!

  166. This comment has been removed by the author.

  167. Hi Alberto!
    I have *always* loved your "Their World" print. The first time I saw it, I stared at it for 15 minutes straight and bookmarked it for my husband to see when he got home. (He loves it too, of course.)
    We are moving to a new apartment on July 27, and this would be THE PERFECT housewarming item.
    There's something very special about all of your work. I become delighted when I see a new flickr post from you!
    What a great contest! I hope I win! : )

  168. Mireya Cruz7:00 PM

    El Buho!!!!!... adoro ese buho enamorado!!. Se dice que los ojos del buho analizan la verdad con objetividad, pero me digo, como se puede ser objetivo estando enamorado?... y honestamente cada vez que lo veo me pienso como el, pues eso es posible estando enamorado de la vida, de la alegria, de la felicidad y de la paz. Eso me inspira tu buho, y ahora cada vez que me veo me percibo un poco como el, pues la quietud que tiene revela que toma decidiones dificiles, sin dudar, pero con una gran lucidez y claridad en lo que quiere... sentir la alegria de vivir “enamorado”.

    Excelente trabajo!... estoy super fascinada con el manejo que tienes de las texturas, los colores, las formas, sencillamente cautivante!

  169. Anonymous2:17 AM

    In front of all this people, I don't if it's possible to win, but I will try to do my best to participate !

    Why want I one of your work ? Because you are my favorite artist ! No one has got your style, colorfull and funny.

    I would be really happy to have "Play time" in my bedroom, my walls are only in a yellow tone, without poster or else.

    Thanks for this little game and good luck for everyone ^^

  170. El caso es que tengo en casa una mesa que cojea y creo que uno de tus trabajos bien dobladito me iría de perlas para pornerlo debajo de una de sus patas y nivelarla... jajajaja, es broma...

    Me encanta tu trabajo, en serio. Había visto en algún lado tu ballena, me la había guardado en el ordenador, pero no sabía de quien era, y ahora procrastinando por la red me encuentro con tu blog, y además con sorteo, menuda suerte!

    Me gustaría recibir una de tus ilustraciones simplemente porque me encantan, y tengo un rinconcito en casa en el que cualquiera de ellas quedaría genial.

    También me apasionan las cosas gratis, qué quieres que te diga. Y ya si además puedo presumir en mi blog de haber tenido la suerte de ser la agraciada, ya ni te cuento.

    Me encanta la textura de madera de la ballena enamorada, pero también me gustan Play Time o Twenty Stars and One hat o . Es dificil decidirme, pero supongo que prefiero la ballena, por haberla conocido antes de conocer tu blog y porque mirándola parece que uno casi puede imaginarse su historia de amor.

    Nada más, que enhorabuena por tu trabajo y por la idea del sorteo, por mi parte voy a encender una velita a ver si tengo suerte y puedo vacilar de tener un Cerriteño original.


  171. Where to begin about why I love your work? Yes it speaks to my inner child and makes me smile, but it also inspires the artist within. I love the balance of whimsy and graphic strength of your work. And the details! You are one of those artists I return to for inspiration. Your work reminds me "I can do this!". Not because you work is easy or simple but because it incredible and can change my mood. I want to do that sort of art. My favorite is "A Rainy Day".

  172. I just discovered you and your artwork through the Poster Cabaret website, so receiving a free print just might seal the deal for me as your fan!

    I really enjoy the way so many of your pieces seem weightless or playful, but there's still with a bit of concealment or mystery.

    My choice would be 'The Enamored Whale'...

  173. My husband and I LOVE your work. We own Abandoned and it's feeling abandoned without more of your prints. Our Whale print would love to have the Owl by it's side. If you're willing to part one to us. :)

    Thank you for considering us!
    Helen & Keith

  174. I think the Whale is enamored with me cause I`m definitely enamored with her, and, Alberto, you wouldn`t be that cruel to keep us apart much longer, would you? ;)

    Your work is amazing, thanks for sharing it!

  175. I love Enamored Whale, Enamored Owl, and have a super soft spot for the Blue Demon. Pick me, won't you?

  176. pzdrago@hotmail.com11:26 AM

    Hola Alberto,
    si después de leer todos estos posts tengo suerte, quisiera que me regalaras “Yearning for freedom”. Bueno, ni siquiera es para mi (yo quisiera al Blue Demon por supuesto), es para mi hermana Flavia. Ella es una muy joven, persistente y talentosa ilustradora para quien has sido una influencia constante en su trabajo que puedes ver por aquí Qué mas te puedo decir... cuando éramos niños vi un cardenal asomado en la ventana que da al parque, nos reunimos pronto los hermanos para verlo hasta que se fue volando, creo que ese cardenal si logró salir y no se quedó anhelando nomás. En fin. Gracias, por aqui te sigo viendo y sobre todo envidiando.

  177. I absolutely love the "playtime" illustration it's name depicts it perfectly. You have a great sense for design and colour and the intensity of the colours adds to the energy of it being playtime!

    Great work!

  178. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Terrible yellow eyes please. If you send it to me I will send you love and good vibes and maybe i could inspire you like you inspire me.

  179. "The Enamored Mico" This little green dude with his scary love is going straight on my inspiration wall. His home will be filled with color and other creatures living next to him.

  180. Me encantaría Blue Demon, La Leyenda, bueno en realidad me encantan todos, pero para mí, al igual que para muchos mexicanos Blue Demon resultó mas que un luchador, representa todo un símbolo, al igual que para ti en mi caso ha inspirado muchos de mis trabajos.

  181. The Enamoured Mico
    I will probably not be able to afford any artwork at all as I am a poor student. The picture itself also suits my curtains very well and I will pay you with karma points.
    Most important of all, I like the picture very much and I promise to take good care of it. I could send you a monthly update of the picture if you wanted to. Yesh.

  182. WONDERFUL!!!!!!!.
    I end of your find work and I am of fallen chin with the beauty of all your work.
    It is still happier was with the possibility of winning one of your paintings.
    Well I could say a lot of things of why want her/it about the hundreds of comments that I saw above..... but I will try to be briefer.
    The favorite is "Sring Melody" haul of the beauty of the harmony chromatic,complexity of the magisterial technical composition, unquestionable...... my larger argument is purely passionate.. it makes to remember my son Mickey that is musician and that this to an ocean of distance of me.!!

  183. I woud love to have "Twenty Stars and One hat", because it looks like a portrait mine (lol).

  184. I love The Enamored Whale! He is the cutest little whale ever! And I love him! I'm am 8 years old, and if I won it, I would hang it by my bed so I could look at it every night and have happy dreams of cuteness!
    - Gracie

  185. My name is Lily, and I love the Enamored Whale too! The background is really, really cool. He is my favorite and I would name him Whaley. It looks like he is looking at me! And I'm 6.
    - Lily

  186. heyt hola
    pues la verdad no sabia
    quien eras hasta ke vi el video de austin tv. que es una de mis bandas favoritas
    y gracias a ellos pude dar contigo
    xke me llamo mucho la curiosidad.
    el video los dibujos el diseño todo..
    y pues la verdad me a gustado
    todas tus creaciones y pues la neta
    si me gustaria tener algo de tu trabajo o de perdis si me pudieras decir como hacerlas como empesaste a crear tantos personajes ke la verdad estan shidos.....
    bueno espero y ser afortunado de ganarme algo de lo ke tu haces
    o si no de perdis me conformo con tu respuesta de antemano gracias.......

    por cierto mi nombre es rodrigo..
    y aki te dejo mi correo...

  187. Delphine10:17 AM

    Alberto, would you please try something for me ?

    You will close your eyes and think about this different things :
    . 1- all is black – in the center, a little white light which grows up slowly in the same time becoming yellow. It's grows up until no more black.
    . 2 – remember the sensation of lightness after going to the swimmingpool
    . 3 - imagine now that your feet are in the sand
    . 4 – there is a fresh breeze
    . 5 - take some time to hear the silence
    . 6 – it's OK now, you can stop
    OK now remember all >>> Light / Lightness / Sand / Wind / Silence
    and close your eyes for reel

    Finish ?
    You just feel like me looking at The enamored Mico
    The black : like birth > no contrariety , an innocente discovery
    The yellow light : heat, you start to have sensation
    The lightness, the sand, the wind : you feel good and free cause it's simple emotions, like a child
    The silence : cause it's your own moment of happyness when your see is in the illustration and you can see more and more details
    (Alberto, you are an emotions thief)

    Owl seems more interrogative, I have a little preference for Mico who smiles
    What I would like is one day have the 2 (for the moment I can't buy two, so it could be wonderfull to win one), to put them sometimes face to face (meet each other, choose to change their fate...) or back to back (looking for somebody, trapped by enamored...) and imagine lot of stories.

    Thanks for this chance and good luck to all,

    ~ Delphine ~ from France -

  188. Hey soy octavio del flickr. :D
    no soy muy bueno para los textos y creo que si estuviera de frente me quedaria igual...sin palabras

    La neta tu trabajo esta bien chingon....y para seleccionar una sola pieza esta cabronnnnn todas estan bien perras! oye el de nosferatu no lo vendes? jajapor cierto jejeje

    saludos desde el DF

  189. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Last night Spring Melody visited me in my sleep. He played music and I danced and danced. We laughed and sang, and I felt so at home. I would love to be able to visit him on my wall, and not only in my dreams.

  190. I recently stumbled across your blog, I forget how but I love your illustrations and designs they're amazing, so detailed and colourful!

    It's hard to pick a favourite out of your prints but I think it would have to be Spring Melody for me. The design of the skeleton character is great and I love the colours.

    It also makes me think of the character 'Bonejangles' in Tim Burton's 'The Corpse Bride', not sure why maybe because it's a music playing skeleton. Either way it's an awesome movie and your piece is a great piece of art :)

  191. My name is Nikol and I would like one of your prints so that I have an inspirational reminder everyday of why I need to keep working hard on my art. I would like to win it for free because I have not had a job in 7 months and really need the inspiration at home while painting all day working through the rough patch.
    If I am chosen, I would like Their World or the Enamored Owl because of the palette.

    Thank You for the chance to win one of your pieces and good luck to all the other fans!

  192. Alberto, soy diseñador gráfico como tú, estoy intentando abrirme paso en la ilustración y soy también un admirador tuyo, que mejor inspiración que tener una de tus ilustraciones frente a mi mesa de dibujo :)
    P.D. Me encantó la ilustración que lleva por título The Melancholic Cat :)

  193. My favorite is the The Enamored Mico because it is a cool sloth-funky-monkey-dude! If I won it, I'd hang it on my wall and try to keep it for my whole life. I'm 10 and I've been drawing ever since I was 3 years old.

    Here's a story about funky-monkey-dude:

    Funky Monkey loves bananas. One day funky-monkey was swinging through the trees, and he went to his favorite place to find bananas. But when he got there there were already six monkeys eating all the bananas. When they left, all the bananas were gone. So then he started on a search for bananas. He came upon an avocado tree, and they tasted interesting. He accidentally ate the seed and the next morning he was green! On his head, an avocado tree started spouting! And that is how he became a green monkey with a tree spouting on his head. He finally found a banana after searching for four days, and he fell in love with it. And then they got married. And a few days later they started a race of banana-avocado-monkey-people. The end.

    - Isaac, age 10

  194. He's neither tomboy nor tussling tomcat.
    He's no top talker, but don't taunt him :
    Don't tell his tummy tum-tum is not so tubby,
    'Cos he'll teach you the fruits have lost their taste,
    And his toes have touched too many of you cities toxins.
    Dotted tears from polluted trees !

    Don't you hear the tom-toms ?
    It's the tearing tune of his heart...

    But tonight he'll realize his totally tabooed dream :
    Travelling to our sweet home !

    Who ? The Enamored Mico !

  195. Jiminy11:13 AM

    Al, I am your conscience,

    I will help you to get back to the right way of the classicism ! Give me one of your illustration, The Enamored Owl for example and as I am in France, I will tape it on La Joconde in Louvre (because the curious regard of the owl goes well with the curious smile of Mona Lisa and I suspect you to plagiarize, look at the position for instance...) and to help your psychedelic-pop art to switch to reasonable one, I will tear out parts of The Enamored Owl like a work of Jacques De la Villegle, with yelling mantras to exorcize your audacious freshness which is not recommended in these days of crisis...

    In this dark time, you have to STOP using pretty and well matched colors, STOP using flowers patterns, STOP trying new supports or new mediums, you can't continue to despair Graphism students who are not able to do something good with coffee when they mistake the water pot and the cup at 3 A.M..

    You can't go on drawing sweet animals and making adults become children falling in Neverland when they take a look at your art !
    Peter Pan, get out of this body !

    Please have a beer, stay in your sofa and watch C.S.I. Portland (oh sorry, it doesn't exist yet).

    Prudence at

  196. I would love to win a print. I love The Enamored Owl. I love your work. It has an awesome creepiness/coolness to it. Very unique and intriguing. You're very talented and very awesome to give away a print.

  197. you make me smile alberto
    i have a crush on your work.
    i am the enamored girl with your nest... <3

  198. I'd really like The Enamored Owl to place
    Each stroke, fine dot, brown leaf, bright star and heart
    On my bare bedroom wall to decorate
    For such a spot has never seen fine art.

    Besides, my nose's been compared by my fiance
    To this nocturnal bird's protruding beak.
    A flaw no longer this print now portray,
    Thanks to Mister Cerriteño's technique

    But if the gods decide to crush my dream
    And give to someone else the desired prize
    I will no longer suffer, but will esteem
    The feature that my glasses now disguise.

    The burden will be all on my boyfriend
    Who'll buy me the glicee to make amend.

    32, teacher from Brazil