Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Spring Melody 01

This is a new piece and is available @ my ETSY as a Giclee Print in two different sizes. If you like skeletons playing banjo surrounded by birds and smoking a cigar, then this is the one for you!


  1. Great stuff!!! I love your delicious style Alberto!

  2. Anonymous2:56 AM

    Un autentico genio, tu obra es maravillosa. En los pequeños detalles esta la belleza.
    Un saludo
    You are authentic, a genius. Your work is wonderful. In the small details this beauty.

  3. this is a fantastic piece .. your work is just getting better and better

  4. Fantástico, cada trabajo me sorprende más y más, felicidades sos muy talentoso.

  5. Increíbles ilustraciones Alberto, en realidad me gustan mucho, la textura, los personajes.....
    Te invito a visitar mi blog, un abrazo desde Quito!


  6. Simplemente maravillosa, llena de detalles y matice. Felicidades.

  7. This is a wonderful, beautiful image!

  8. During the last five minutes you became one of my favourite illustrators... Interesting characters, shapes, colours and ornaments. Glad I found your blog. :)

  9. I LOVE IT! came in here after eons!
    You never seem to stop to amaze me!

    wow! I love these...am gonna ask for one print soon from you!

    I will put it up on my wall theme! Something with an Indian theme with elephants and flying carpets and snake charmers!


  10. Hi Alberto...You said you want to give a free print of your art...
    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your illustration.
    I want a "spring melody" one. the colour is very niceeeeeee.
    Someday I want to become an illustrator like you..but now my illustration is still far from professional. I'm sure when I get the free print of your illustration I'll be inspired when i look at your illustration. I will put it everyday in my room.
    Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so muchhhhh :D

  11. I thought you meant the birds were smoking cigars.

  12. I like skeletons, banjos, guitars, guitarleles,birds and drawing so I like your site very much.

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