Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Originals for sale

Now offering several original works for sale through my ETSY Shop.


  1. these are amazing..
    really you are an inspiration for a beginner like me.
    Keep up the good work!
    btw.. are these done with acrylics?

  2. Qué maravilla! Espero que la gente se vuelva loca y compre todos tus originales!
    Tu Buho enamorado, es un éxito total, todo el mundo me pregunta y a todo el mundo le remito a tu blog, y mis alumnill@s tambien son admiradores tuyos!!

  3. Thank you Pratik! Yes they are acrylics.

    Regna, me da gusto saberlo :) Muchas gracias!!!

  4. plasmiamo la creta a nostro gusto?

  5. your artworks are beautiful. I love all the rich textures and patterns!

    I've also been thinking of selling some giclee prints on etsy. Just need to work up the courage to do it! :)