Friday, April 06, 2012

Wine Label

Eric Kent Wine Cellars is a California based boutique producer of Sonoma County wines that recently released a new Chardonnay featuring my art on it's labels. You can order it now but for prime drinking you need to wait a few more years. Here is the artist page and these are some words from their product statement:

"As a husband and wife (winemaker and artist) team we combined our passions to create a label that celebrates craft both inside and outside the bottle. Our goal is to capture a bit of the best California has to offer in every glass, creating wines that are proud of their bold fruit and yet still able to seduce you with their nuance and finesse. We hope this same attention to quality is reflected in the stunning art featured on our labels."


  1. Beautiful colors! I love the artwork on wine labels, maybe more than the wine itself!

  2. Looks great! Very cool :)

  3. that's so cool, I'd like to own a bottle :O !

  4. Anonymous4:12 PM

    Ordered the wine today! Love your artwork!