Thursday, December 01, 2011

Spaceman Tattoo!

Cecília Papi a reality-show star from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil recently tagged me in Facebook with an image of her tattoo, an illustration of a happy spaceman I did while ago. Never considered my art would make a good tattoo but now that I see it is actually not bad, really fun to see somebody wearing permanently your drawings :)

Since she is part of a TV reality-show I wonder if her tattoo process made it in to the show. (See bellow)

Thanks Cix!

...And YES! She sent me a video, this made it in the Show:


  1. me encanto!! quiero uno :D

  2. wow, that's flattery indeed!

  3. Yo quiero uno, esta INCREIBLE

  4. Anonymous8:07 AM

    That's great! It does look really good, definitely better than those cliche meaningful tattoo quotes you see now a days.