Thursday, September 16, 2010

Runner's World Magazine Illustration

Some weeks ago I was commissioned by Runner's World Magazine to create the cover illustration for their Fall Shoe Guide. The only three rules to create the image:

1) Include a Runner Shoe (not brand specific but definitely recognizable as a running shoe).
2) A descent-sized open area to accommodate the title and info.
3) Reference the issue's season (Fall). So after presenting a few sketch-ideas this is the final result, I'm very pleased with how came out printed!

Conceptual sketches:

Final Illustration: (Details)

Cover Print:


  1. Sweet! I love that idea, and I'd definitely read that shoe guide just because of the illustration, haha!

  2. nice.. that turned out very cool

  3. Amazing!! me encanta.

  4. Wow, great stuff. Love your work.

  5. Awesome! I'm an avid runner and always looking for some artwork for the apt. Any of these going on sale for print?

  6. Alberto es una alegria ver su ilustracion en esa revista la tengo en mis manos, soy un tgran admirador suyo como le dije hace unos anos atras.
    Soy CAMILOGRAFICO si me recuerda.!
    Un abrazo.

  7. Cool concept. Great work.

  8. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Me encantan los detalles, la paleta de colores, el cabello del niño moviéndose por el viento otoñal, el pajarito... Aawww! todo está super lindo... soy fan... muuuuy fan!! =D

  9. Gorgeous work! I can see why you're pleased with the outcome.