Friday, April 09, 2010

Rock Marí | Opening Credits

My illustrations all over Mexico City!!! :)
This is the opening credits animation for the Mexican feature movie Rock Marí. I was commissioned by the team of Maribel Martinez in Mexico to collaborate in the creation of diverse illustrations compelling the personality of this little musician girl (Rock Marí) who likes to travel and wants to be a rock-star. They had these aerial scenes of Mexico City and the idea was to populate all kind of "girly" illustrations giving life to the buildings during the initial credits. The work was done in a super short time, last minute job! At the end everything turned out good.

Thanks to Gabriela Badillo, Diego Huacuja and some other animators (I don't have all the credits) who made the great 2D/3D compositing, animation and motion tracking work on this piece.

Here are the illustrations I provided and the final animation!

Rock Marí | Opening Credits from Alberto Cerriteño on Vimeo.

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  1. Anonymous9:54 AM

    y la musica por supuesto de Julieta Venegas cierto? muy buen trabajo man.

  2. Martin Linde11:45 AM

    super happy. love the 3D integration and your illustrations against the skyline is just what any city needs :)

  3. Wahou !! great animation with your art work !

  4. Definitívamente no se ve como trabajo de último minuto. ¡Chido!

  5. Waaaaah - Love the concept design pages! - So spunky and girly at the same time - thanks for realising girly doesn't have to mean cutesy ^_^

  6. Anonymous10:07 PM

    qué buen trabajo, felicidades!!!

  7. Very cool, nice work.

  8. Anonymous12:28 PM

    wow!! incrìble trabajo!!=)

  9. This is soooo cool!
    My favorite thing is the little plane leaving smoke as it goes.

    Very nice, as everything else you do.

  10. Felicitaciones Alberto! que lindo se ve!.

  11. Great work here my friend. i love it...i love it...

    and yes I love it... :)

    warm wishes from India

  12. Ver a la Ciudad de México cubierta con tus dibujos fue algo maravilloso, gran colaboración, para quienes amamos esta ciudad es alucinante verla de esta manera. Increíble.

  13. I've been lurking in the background, admiring your works for a few years. Your works are really unique, inspiring and high-quality, Alberto! Keep up the great work!