Saturday, June 27, 2009


Now you can have some of these guys living with you as a comfortable funky pillow for you or for your favorite person!
Click for Art is also offering an amazing variety of prints and big boxed canvases from great artists, I'm so amazed to be part of the group now! CHECK IT.


  1. Albertoooooo!!! la verdad me he quedado un buen rato mirando en detalle tus ilustraciones SOS UN ARTISTAZO!!! me parecía haber visto algo en Gooo (soy argentina) realmente me fascina todo lo que hacés y andaré muy seguido por "estos pagos";)

  2. Oooo, I'd like 'Yearning for Freedom' because if I was a glorious red bird with fine stripy legs I would want to fly free too. Although I'm probably destined to become a penguin, so I'd have to waddle and bellyflop my way out of trouble. sigh.

  3. Wow!,...Those are fantastic looking. Great Blog filled with wonderful art. I'm making this a stop for inspiration!


  4. Hi,

    I'm brazilian. I Live in Rio de Janeiro.

    I Looooove your blog!!!! Congratulations, is beautifull!

    I can disclose your art on my blog?
    Thanks you!!

    Best Regards from Brazil!!:)