Thursday, January 08, 2009

In Budapest

I'm in the beautiful Budapest, Hungary working in a long term project. This project is related to animation and I'm doing a very fun part :)
That's pretty much all what I can say for now. But I promise to post more new work soon, maybe not related to this project cause confidential policies but something will come up, inspiration is in everywhere here. Later!

PS. If someone in Budapest wants to hang out with me, I'm totally in. Love to meet people who can teach me how to curse in hungarian, just drop me a line :D


  1. Que hermoso!

    Que envidía de la buena! :)

    Mis respetos y saludos señor.


  2. Awesome! can't wait to see what you're making out there.

  3. Awesome shots!! Makes me want to go there.

  4. hi! I can't see your e-mail address but you can send me a message to and I will make sure you learn how to curse in hungarian! hope you are having fun so far..

  5. hi there! I don't live in Budapest, but I'll have business there at 16 january. Would be great to meet with you.
    I think we would teach you the greatest curses in hungarian with nadja ;)
    If you're open for a meet send me a mail to

  6. Hola. Vengo desde tu web y estoy maravillado por la calidad y originalidad de tus trabajos. Sobretodo de lo pesonal e impactante de tu estilo. Pasaré a menudo por aquí con ganas de ver más.
    un saludo

  7. Wow man! Look at you, mr. global art guy. I can't wait to see what's cooking over in Hungary. Sounds like you are having a blast.

  8. Hi! Just like Nadja I'm well trained in hungarian curses too :-)

  9. Andras2:25 PM


    I would love to introduce you to some pint of beers.

    If you are available on Wednesday evening leave me a message at

  10. Well I'm in Budapest too:)

  11. me too!
    just let me know if you want to have a nice coffee with a hungarian children's book illustrator.

    yo hablo espanol uno poco :)))

  12. :)
    I am 393km south of Budapest, in Belgrade, Serbia, so if you get bored you can drop by on a sunny weekend with crazy serbs