Monday, February 11, 2008


The last project I did over Curiosity Group was this music video for the single called Peluche (Plush) from the Boston-based band Static Of The Gods, I did the art direction, character design, overall illustrations and some animations for this piece. I have the chance to collaborate with some good friends in this project, Jamal Qutub who modeled the main character "Teddy Bear" in 3D and worked in most of the animation, including the band playing. And Brandon Schoessler, who did all the compositing, edition, background animations and particles.

Steve Klinetobe who is one of the partners of Curiosity Group came up with the original idea of the bear falling and my buddy Dale Basye who helped out to write an describe the scenes for the flashbacks. Basically the video shows the falling of this depressed peluche bear and is interrupted for little flashbacks of his miserable live, not everything is cute for these plush creatures. In addition we made sequences of the charactered band in performance on the bear's tummy during his fall. And you can guess the end, maybe is fatal or maybe is not.

Thanks a lot to Jen, Mike and Ben, the members of the band for trust in my work and give us the freedom to play with their great music.


Peluche: the Music Video from Static of the Gods on Vimeo.
Style Frames:
(Click over to see them bigger)

Original illustration of the main character, used for the 3D model:

I created a bunch of creatures that makes appearing n the background when the band is playing, unfortunately you can't really perceive them in movement really well. These are some of them:

Some final inks from my preliminary sketches to compose the animated scenes:


  1. It's fantastic !
    Every element matches every other so well !!
    Good job :)

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  3. Anonymous7:27 AM

    that video is amazing. for real. it's the coolest thing i've seen in a long time.


  4. Great music...and beautiful artworks!

  5. Alberto, you totally rule!!! This video is one of the most exciting things that have ever happened to us.


  6. Your work is totally amazing!! I love it really very much!!

  7. Wow! It is amazing. Congratulations! Great job!

  8. Que descubrimiento! tienes unos trabajos impresionantes!!! te linkeo sin falta en mi blog si no te importa! un saludo

  9. It's been too long since I checked out your blog. You are on fire bro. I love your characters. I envy that your day job connects with your illustration career. It's a fine gig. This band has it going.

  10. What an awesome piece of work! You must be very proud.

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