Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Joey Ramone

Hopefully this is the first one of a series for this musicians-portraits tribute I'm planning to do. Let's see if the time is generous with me in order to complete the project. Here you go Mr. Joey Ramone


  1. Looks so great. I love the colors. And seeing Joey Ramone in the Alberto style is awesome. I can tell this was fun for you.

  2. Victor Melendez9:39 AM

    Te salió bien chido.
    Tienes pensado en usar músicos de México? Chente?
    Me gustan un buen los dettalles del cabello.

  3. How cool is this?!!!!! I can't wait to see more rock stars! You have a great style and your works are awesome!

  4. Brilliant! Can we expect some more of these?

    Led Zeppelin??


  5. You're work is really good!!! I love the way you mix illustration and design

  6. Anonymous12:28 PM

    I would love it if you made one of PRINCE. I'll buy it.

  7. You guys should check out They sell T shirts that Joey and Ramones once wore! i just bought one and they are actually really good quality. They are really cool, check them out!