Thursday, August 30, 2007

New Work for San Diego

I was invited by the talented designer and artist Paul Drohan aka D5ive to mount an exhibition at his space, Gallery 2C in San Diego, CA. Drop by if you are around. I'm showing new work I did for this show and some previous work.
Below some of the the new work that's born when Paul suggested me the idea.

Kong / Mixed Media (digitally finished)

Puffy Tree / Mixed Media (digitally finished)

Abandoned Acrylic on Wood-panel

Mr. Cyan / CMYK Gang series I

Mr. Magenta / CMYK Gang series I

Mr. Yellow / CMYK Gang series I

Mr. Black / CMYK Gang series I

A Rainy Day / Digital Work

The Helium Adventure / Digital Work

Some shots of the show:


  1. Love the deep green of KONG. Congrats!

  2. ...just great..i love to see your work Alberto really nice stuff you are doing...Congrats and good luck on your new exhibition....
    Best, Choper Nawers!

  3. I am a huge fan of your art work! It always inspires me, truly great work!

  4. ¡Que manera de producir!!!
    Bellísimos trabajos

  5. Hi, i just want to let you know that I admire your work. You have become one my favorite artists. i have you up there with james jean and sam webber.

  6. Hey, thanks everybody for all your nice comment, highly appreciate it!
    Really Luis? Wow! they are definitely huuuuge stars, thanks!.... again..... really?

  7. Hola Alberto!!

    Creo que ya te lo he dicho en alguna ocasión, pero me fascina tu trabajo!
    Vendes ilustraciones? Porque me encantaría tener una original


  8. Hola Joaquín, por el momento no cuento con originales disponibles pero pronto tendré más y pues te contacto. Ya te lo habia comentado, me gusta mucho tu estilo, tal vez podemos intercambiar piezas! n___n saludos!

  9. hey!!!!!!!!!!!!avía dado con tigo por un link de tu pagina Web, sabes me gusta mucho tu estilo, las ilustraciones son muy únicas y llenas de particularidad…buen trabajo , saludos desde venezulea.

  10. Nice walls there! I really like the designs of the heads best! They look awesome! Thanks again for your post and for looking at my website.