Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Office

We did a short video showing the ambient, some people and installations from the agency I work with, pretty much as part of agency presentation for new clients or colleagues. My roll for this piece was build everything you see, so I pretty much did this video. I like the atmosphere you can perceive and there are some appearing of my toys collection.

You can't really appreciate the quality of the graphics for the intro sequence in the YouTube version, so I'm posting a sample here.

Brief story behind this piece: I made sort of collage to animate and produce this, I built the curtains and have to sowed the logo pillow, also I did the paper clouds in a stick to showing the perception of real craft objects, my initial idea was create the real stage with this objects and filmed but the camera hasn't the right quality and we have a lot of problems with lighting. Then I scanned all this objects and create all the same stage digitally and animated on After Effects. The result as you can see is so rich visually, even that is very short I'm very happy with the final look and feel.

Hope you enjoy it!

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