Sunday, May 06, 2007

Animals On Square ----- Set

This a little set of three animals painted with acrylic on 10X10 Canvas frames, each creature in different color. Yes, they are going to live in Bruno's (My son) room. Hope he like them, for now you can see them at The Basil Hallward Gallery on the 3rd floor of Powell's Books.

Detail View:

Actual Size:


  1. I love how they all look together. Very striking and delicous. That elephant rocks!

  2. Vengo del blog de el petirrojo (te recomiendan) una pena que no sepa inglés para leer tu blog, me conformaré con mirar-admirar y con pasar malamente un traductor.

  3. lucie2:21 AM

    hello, your works are so beautiful. I´m lovin it. if you want you can check mine